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Welcome to RFQUSA.com,

Since 2000 Media WebLink has been dedicated to the manufacturing and machine tool industry by
providing FREE listings and links to thousands of companies.

As the years went by, many website companies sprang up and claimed they could provide quality
quotes from hundreds of companies that would lead to more work. All you needed to do was pay a fee
and join their group. After many quotes, time spent and no awards, many were disappointed and they
felt they had wasted their money.

The goal of RFQUSA.com is to provide a Direct Networking Platform to American companies without
being in the middle. Why would you want to give your prints and information to a third party?

As a mold and tool & die maker, I have always found it is better to work directly with the customer.
I needed to understand their project and have all the information before I quoted. Going direct is
the best way.

Our Membership Directory Listing offers you a direct link to other American companies along with their
Profile pages. You select the companies you want to work with--not the other way around. Your time is
valuable and doing endless quotes without all the tools you need is not the answer.

Since the beginning, we have kept it simple by offering free listings and links first and then,
if asked, we will provided an advertising proposal.

For more information give us a call or e-mail.


Pete Beatty, President
Media WebLink

FACT: With over 250 websites we are the largest group of websites in the world
dedicated to the manufacturing and machine tool industry.

FACT: Our search engine rankings are some of the highest in the industry.

RFQUSA Membership - $249 yr.
*Special $100 first year
Free with a $300 or more Banner Ad

We are a veteran owned and run company

Only American companies located in
America who do not send out their work/product to be produced outsite
of the country.

NOT ACCEPTED:  PO Box only address, Internet only businesses and companies who gather Internet information
to farm out work, services or products to third parties for fulfillment.

*MediaWebLink reserves the right to refuse submissions without notice or explanation.

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