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Stovall Machine Products, Inc.
"Emergency service 24/7"
Stovall Machine Products, Inc.
220 Stovall Rd.
Lavonia, GA. 30553
(706) 476-4677/(706)356-2364
Fax: (706) 356-2364

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About Us

Stovall Machine Products is a full service machine shop with both CNC and conventional equipment.
SMP is a job shop located in Lavonia, GA organized in 1998 to service the industrial needs of our customers.
Our shop is diversified and staffed to meet your critical machining deadlines. Stovall Machine Products
specializes in emergency service 24/7.

Our Mission

Our mission as a job shop service provider is to:

- Staff a willing and capable workforce
- Maintain in-house expertise to identify and solve difficult problems through ingenuity and work ethic.
- Exceed customer expectations in quality and turn around.
- Maintain customer satisfaction and strong customer relationships
- Communicate to our employees that the customer pays all our salary, without customers we have
   no business and salary.

- We believe we have a rare customer perspective, we completely understand the value of customer trust.
  We earn that trust by providing high quality products and solutions while holding the highest ethical
  standards from presentation to follow up.

Equipment List

Fadal VMC 4525 with 8” and 12” Rotary
Fadal VMC 8030
HAAS VF 6/40
Sharp VH15 Vertical Horizontal Milling Machine
Turn Pro CNC Knee Mill 12 X 54
Wotan Horizontal boring mill 32 X 32 X 32
(3) Bridgeport Style Knee Mills 9 X 49

Doosan Puma 280L 17 X 43 turning ctr w/Steady Rest
Sharp Engine Lathe 22 X 100 X 4 ½ SB
Sharp Engine Lathe 16 X 60 X 3 1/8 SB
Kingston Engine Lathe 44 X 120 X4 ½ SB
TurnPro Engine Lathe 16 X 60 X 3 ½ SB
TurnPro Engine Lathe 14 X 40 X 1 ¾ SB
TurnPro Engine Lathe 12 X 40 X 1 ¾ SB

EDM: AgieCharmilles Cut 20 P

Quality Policy
Stovall Machine and Fabricating Products is committed to designing, manufacturing and marketing products
that meet or exceed our customer’s requirements and to extent of our knowledge, provide services, which
fulfill their expectation. This commitment demands an emphasis on quality in every phase of our business.

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