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Milo Engineering Manufacturing Group
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Group Coordinator

Milo Engineering
2675 Skypark Dr. #304
Torrance, CA 90505
Contact Ray:
310 326-0274  Fax: 310 530-9410 Map 

Group Totals

Companies in Group: (NA)
CNC Milling: 3-axis (NA) / 4-axis (NA) / 5-axis (NA) / 6-axis (NA)
CNC Turning: 2-axis (NA) / 3-axis (NA) / 4-axis (NA) / 5-axis (NA) / 6-axis (NA) / 7+ (NA)
CNC Mill /Turn: (NA)
Toolroom Mill: (NA)
Toolroom Lathe: (NA)
Surface Grinder: (NA)
Jig Borer: (NA)

CNC Grinders: (NA)
Surface Grinders
: (NA)

Turning: Size / From .0000 to 00.000
Milling: Size / From .0000 to 000.000
Jig Boring: Hole Sizes / / From .0000 to 000.000
Grinding: / From .0000 to 00.000
Surface Grinding: / From .0000 to 00.000
Sawing: Dia / From .0000 to 00.000
Cutting: Waterjet. (NA) / Plasma (NA)

* Not all equipment is listed: Call us for complete list and new equipment.

Group Capabilities:
CNC Turning
CNC Milling
Fastener Modification

CAD - Data Exchange Capabilities:
GibbsCam / Call us for more information

Group Certifications :

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Shop 1 - Avaliable Equipment List

CNC Lathe; Okuma Cadet
CNC Lathe; Mori Seiki AL2 CNC (Quantity: 2)
CNC Lathe; Mori Seiki SL-15 (1)
CNC Mill; Haas VF-0 with 4th Axis Indexer (1)
CNC Mill; Haas VF-1 with 4th Axis Indexer (1)
CNC Mill; Haas VF-2 High Speed mill with 4th Axis (1)
Haas CNC HPCL toolroom lathe (1)
Graziano SAG14 Engine lathe with tracer attachment
Hardinge Automatic Multi-Station Chucker (1)
Hardinge Precision Toolroom Lathe 10" (Quantity: 2)
Hardinge Precision Toolroom Lathe 10" / Inch and Metric (1)
Hardinge Precision Chucking Lathe 10" (1)
Hardinge Lathe DSM 59 w/Slide-matic Auto-Control Units (Qty: 4)
Bridgeport Mill J1 Vari-Drive with DRO (Quantity: 2)
Cincinnati No. 2 Horizontal Mill (1)
Harig Precision Surface Grinder (1)
Micro-Precision Lathes; Boley and Levin (1)
Hauser Precision Jig Bore (Quantity: 2)

Shop 2 - Avaliable Equipment List


Shop 3 - Avaliable Equipment List


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CNC-West Feature Article - pdf Digging Out from Underbid

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